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1. How did you hear about CIWEC hospital?

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2. What was the reason for your hospital visit?

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3. How do you rate the explanations provided by the staff on the procedures in the hospital?

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4. How do you rate the doctor’s explanation of the details about your illness and related procedures?

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5. How do you rate the time management by the hospital team to support your need during this hospital visit?

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6. How do you rate the cleanliness/infection prevention practices in the hospital?

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7. Was the check-in / check-out/ Registration process conducted professionally and to your satisfaction?

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8. If you were hospitalized (admitted), how would you rate the quality of food provided by the hospital?

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9. If you were hospitalized (admitted), how would you rate quietness/comfort in the hospital?

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10. Would you recommend this hospital to your friends and family?

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11. In your opinion what are the strong points of this hospital?

12. Please let us know if there was anything you would like to see us improve? Any comments?

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